Our company DIF Slovakia is a family run business that brings innovative solutions especially for the glass industry. We offer design technology and high quality in the process of creation of the interior and exterior. In design and architecture there are no limits for creativity.

We are an authorized distributor of the German company Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH and our main product is EVA laminating film for safety, security & decorative glass –  evguard®. We are an authorized distributor for Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

We also offer the best insert materials from companies ROSCO, Viewcol, Si.Ste and Innoptec.

Portfolio of the company also includes items that help glass processors with their everyday work from Italian producer Si.STE and laminating ovens from TK and Lamiflex.

New spirit of glass… Welcome!


evguard® is  EVA laminating film for safety, security and decorative glass.

The EVA film evguard® is the result of many years of research and development, ensuring not only high transparency and reliable stability, but also the ability to process at low temperatures. Manufactured in Germany using European raw materials, we guarantee consistent quality every time.

The stability provided by evguard® as a laminating film has been extensively tested in-house to ensure consistent quality, and this is backed by certification from third party institutes.  evguard® meets the highest standards for European and USA market.

evguard® laminating film is used for:

  • the manufacture of ballistic and safety glass,
  • laminated glass with acoustic properties and insulation values,
  • decorative interlayer, e.g. colored or sensitive switchable films,
  • encapsulation of photovoltaic modules.

Advantages of evguard® laminating film

  • “Made in Germany”, produced from raw materials of European suppliers
  • certifiable for laminated safety glass (test certificates are available upon request)
  • lamination in a broad temperature range is possible, starting at 105 °C (220 F)
  • easy processing, both vacuum lamination and autoclave (pre-lam nip roll)
  • convincing clarity of laminated glass
  • good adhesion to glass and many other materials
  • non-hygroscopic, especially compared to PVB films
  • available as clear or milky-white film
  • logistic advantages, especially for Central Europe

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